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04 Mart 2020 Çarşamba - Görüntülenme: 14631

Opening cereomony of KSBU Continuous Education Application and Research Centre has been realized. It was emphasized in ceremony that KSBU-SEM is one the most significant fields where the society is able to meet to University.

 The opening speech was made by KSBU Rector Prof. Dr. Vural Kavuncu at the ceremony where was realized in the Conference Hall of The Faculty of Medicine. Rector Kavuncu indicated his sadness of our martyrs and said “ Today, we are opening the new unit of Continuous Education Application and Researh Centre at our university. I would like to start my words by commemorating our cherished martyrs with mercy and gratitude. Our country is strong and will surely overcome these difficulties. We realize how significant education and knowledge are in every area. If we are standing upright today, this is the signficance that our country emphasises on science and knowledge. As KSBU, we attach importance on strong education and work for it.”

“One of the most significant fields that the society is able to meet to university is KSBU-SEM.”

Rector Kavuncu underlined that everyone is able to benefit from KSBU-SEM. He said that “This is one the most important areas in term of education where our academics, administrative staff, students, non-public employees are able to benefit and the society is able to meet to university. We have seen how necessary this is from the requests recieved by us even during the establishment phase. Our society will be able to benefit from this centre and apply for various trainings”

“The importance of foreign languages are highlighted.”

Rector Kavuncu also mentioned that the importance of foreign languages and stated that there will be trainings in foreign languages at different levels and different categories. By adding that students are able to gain cultural accumulation by doing internship or working in a foreign country, Kavuncu said that “ We acknowledge that Germany needs personnel in the fields of health. We are not forcing our students to go. Those who wish for it are able to go and have different experience. We wish for our students to become successful in different countries by improving their foreign languages.

Last week, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank emphasised that “ Be sure, if you teach the students elementary-level of German, they are ready to employ all of the graduates in Germany.”

“Our goal is organizing continuous training programmes in Kütahya.”

Following Rector Kavuncu, the Director of KSBU-SEM, Assoc. Dr. Sultan Guclu introduced the new centre. Guclu stated that their primary goal is organizing continuous training programmes in Kütahya. Director Guclu said that “ Our goals are to cooperate with institutions and organizations to increase the knowledge and skills of the participants and to support their Professional careers.” Assoc. Dr. Sultan Guclu stated that the web page of  http://sem.ksbu.edu.tr/ is open to visitors to get information about trainings of the centre.

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