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28 Şubat 2020 Cuma - Görüntülenme: 9207

Minister of Industry and Techonolgy Mustafa Varank visited our University of Kütahya Health Sciences. Reminding that he closely followed process of the university’s establishment, Minister Varank emphasized that the establishment of KSBU is a very right decision.

KSBU Minister Varank visited KSBU in his Kutahya schedule. Minister Vrank who was welcomed by flowers here, expressed his gratification about the interest shown by KSBU staff.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank made a speech to the waiting staff  at the Rectorate.

“I have closely followed the process during the phase of establishment .”

Expressing that Minister Varank has closely followed the process during the phase of establishment, “ I know closely how much our Rector has pursued and strived for this work. I consider that you have done a great job. We consider that focusing is necessary when we look at Turkish Universities. Council of Higher Education had an initiative on Research Universities. It was an initiative on universities of regional development. We, as Ministry of Industry and Technology believe that this focussing is a method as we could recieve results by analyzing our needs.” he spoke.

“The importance of heath tourism is highlighted”

Varank said that “I have already underlined that University of Kütahya Health Sciences is a right decision.” and added “ ıf we are able to invest here under the means of health sciences, if we are able to increase the oppourtunities of the University, we could accomplish great works here in terms of the treatment that foreigners call as “Wellness” which we will be able to compete in the world. I consider that we could recieve results in terms of developing techologies oriented in this, improving applications, developing sections.”

“Germany is ready to employ students from KSBU”

Minister Varank continued as following; “ Recently this issue has begun to come to the fore, especially in countries with elderly population. When we consider Germany today, it faces with great deficiency in healthcare sector from patient care to physician.

Be certain that, if you teach at the elementary level to your students, they are ready to employ all of your graduates in Germany. There is such a huge deficiency. We have signed on the right work. I anticipate that we will recieve great results both in terms of raising our students, and by investing in R&D, and by leading the way in scientific development in means of product development.”

Rector Kavuncu thanked Minister Varank for his speech and expressed his gratifiction  as university family.

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